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A women’s fashion brand inspired through travel and our passion for other countries and cultures, people and places, shapes and sounds, our ever evolving project continues…

For over 20 years we have been instrumental in supplying the fashion industry with our accessories and apparel.

Targeting fashion savvy shoppers with a strong attitude and a sense of independence. Season on season, we design premium fashion for those in search of unique staples.


Operating for over 20 years




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Each piece has the ability to create a timeless, effortless style; simple, but never boring.

Our world is changing and we are changing with it. Product innovation has moved forward, meaning our pieces look good and last longer.


At Pia Rossini we care. Transparency and respect are fundamental in our commitment to customers, colleagues and partners.

We understand the importance of social responsibility. Our promise is to stay true to our values and continue to prioritise product innovation and brand integrity

– Pia Rossini

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